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We had a wonderful time staying at Sandcastle #223 over the Thanksgiving weekend. The condo is spacious, clean, and very comfortable. We had a wonderful view and balcony. Staff was very, very friendly and nice. We will definitely stay at Sandcastle again.

This house was everything we hoped it would be! The outdoor shower and laundry room were wonderful! Low traffic area and short walk to be beach were also a bonus. We had 8 kids in our group and they were never bored -- #winning! The house was clean, AC worked well, and no lack of hot water for all the showers that were taken. We will definitely be returning!

Wonderful stay this week. Thank you! This condo was well-appointed. We loved the extra room with 2 twin beds. It made our stay very comfortable with 5 people and the view was lovely! 

12 January 2023

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